A Gorgeous Updated Home

A Gorgeous Updated Home

Our team at McDonald Contracting has enjoyed improving this home over the last year. The most notable improvements included an extensive kitchen renovation, building a new fireplace mantel, and upgrading their basement and bathrooms. The clients, located in Arlington, are thrilled with the outcome of each project our team has completed. Check out all the work our team has done with them.


Kitchen: BEFORE

Kitchen: AFTER


Bathroom: BEFORE

Bathroom: AFTER

Basement: BEFORE

Basement AFTER:

Other updates we did:

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Expansive Home Addition

Expansive Home Addition

Our McDonald Contracting team just finished the design + build of this gorgeous new home addition and garage in Arlington.  The homeowners bought the house a few years ago, and with an expanding family, they found themselves needing more space. They chose to stay and increase/improve their own home! Their neighbors were incredibly supportive, encouraging them to remain in the neighborhood and approving a special permit because the proposed work exceeded 750 square feet.


The home addition truly transforms this home. We added a two-car garage, living room, large master bedroom, and master bathroom with the new addition! Our team also built the retaining wall featured in the front of the house.


During Construction:



Here is what the homeowner had to say about working with us –

We’re thrilled with how the home addition project came out. Thanks for following along!  Ed

Preventing Ice Dams

Preventing Ice Dams

Although New England winters bring many opportunities for fun, they also can create challenging and costly situations… especially for homeowners. One winter struggle that we deal with quite frequently here at Mcdonald Contracting is ice dams.

What are ice dams? Ice dams form on a roof when heat escapes and melts the snow; when the melted snow refreezes, it creates a blockage at the end of the roof that interferes with draining. This causes the water to leak under the roofing, which leads to costly interior damage.

So how can you protect and prevent your home from ice dams? The first thing that you need to know is that ice dams are not roofing problems but air-sealing problems.

Here are 5 tips to help solve and prevent ice dam issues –


1. Seal any air leaks: Grab some canned spray foam or sealant and fill any gap, crack, or hole. Look for gaps around lights, ceiling-mounted electrical boxes, and vent pipes.
2. Install heated cables: These are a great option if you use them before a storm or a spout of bad weather. To install, you clip the cables in a zig-zag pattern along the roofline. The heated cables melt the snow at the edge of the roof before the dams have the chance to form.
3. Keep your roof clean: Investing in a roof rake (which resembles a long-handled shovel) is a great solution to preventing ice dams. You simply pull off the snow with the rake to avoid the buildup of snow and ice.
4. Add insulation: As we know, ice dams are caused by air-sealing issues; adding more insulation to areas that the leakage occurs in will keep the heat where it belongs!
5. Cap the hatch: If you have an unsealed attic hatch, this can create a huge opening for heat to leak out. To prevent any heat from coming out, cover the hatch with weatherstripped caps.

If you are dealing with ice dams this winter or worried about them in the future, we can help! If you haven’t had to deal with them yet, you may want to consider taking the correct measures to prevent any future damage.

Impressive Kitchen Renovation

Impressive Kitchen Renovation

This is what kitchen dreams are made of! New everything with big bright windows, modern appliances, beamed ceilings, and space to spread out.

The homeowners are owner Ed McDonald’s childhood neighbors and when they needed a kitchen, they knew who to turn to. James with the PM on this account and made sure every detail was executed perfectly. Needless to say, our clients are thrilled with their new kitchen renovation.

Let us know what you think of this new kitchen remodel!

Arlington Home Transformation

Arlington Home Transformation

Our team completed this amazing home renovation a few years ago. The homeowner recently shared the before and after photos with us, and we thought it would make for a great blog post!

About the home renovation: Our team did a total renovation on this home, including adding a significant addition to create both exterior and interior living space. The flow of the house was adjusted significantly to be more open and modern. Our team turned the living, dining, and kitchen into one continuous open space. It looks great, and the homeowners love it.

When looking at the exterior design, we wanted to keep the home’s Tudor style in the front yet create a unique space in the back. We added on three decks to optimize their outdoor space. It indeed is an impressive improvement from what was previously there.

Take a look at this fantastic home renovation.






“Very significant transformation. Thanks to you and the people you brought to work on the project.” – Homeowner John B.

Two-story Home Addition

Two-story Home Addition


We just wrapped up this brand new home addition in Arlington, and we love how it came out. We took the home from one-story to two-stories, and it’s genuinely unrecognizable when looking at the before photo. The homeowners just moved in last week and are thrilled to be in their NEW and IMPROVED space.

By adding a second floor and remodeling the entire first floor, we could add two big bedrooms, a master suite, a laundry room, a walk-in closet, an additional bathroom, and lots of storage space. We also were able to expand the living area and build a brand new kitchen! The new space is super functional, with space for their growing family to spread out.

Check out just how impressive this project is –

The construction took just under six months and stayed on-budget. Our team worked  Here are some photos during the beginning phases of construction. Check out the progress pics during the construction of the home.

Here is the final outcome of this beautiful home remodel in Arlington, MA.

What do you think?! Let us know if you need help with your next big home addition.