We just wrapped up this brand new home addition in Arlington, and we love how it came out.¬†We took the home from one-story to two-stories, and it’s genuinely unrecognizable when looking at the before photo. The homeowners just moved in last week and are thrilled to be in their NEW and IMPROVED space.

By adding a second floor and remodeling the entire first floor, we could add two big bedrooms, a master suite, a laundry room, a walk-in closet, an additional bathroom, and lots of storage space. We also were able to expand the living area and build a brand new kitchen! The new space is super functional, with space for their growing family to spread out.

Check out just how impressive this project is –

The construction took just under six months and stayed on-budget. Our team worked  Here are some photos during the beginning phases of construction. Check out the progress pics during the construction of the home.

Here is the final outcome of this beautiful home remodel in Arlington, MA.

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