No matter the size of your outdoor space, you want to be able to utilize every inch of your property. Just as you would design the inside of your home, you want the outside space to align with your lifestyle so that you can get as much use out of it as you can! If you’re tight on space at your home or want to revamp your current space, our team can help! We have designed numerous decks, porches, and patios for our clients.  In the end, the most important component of the addition/remodeled outdoor space is that we’re able to provide homeowners with a new area that allows more space to gather and entertain.

The question is – what type of outdoor space/style are you looking for? Check out these ideas below and see which outdoor style best fits you.

The Quaint Getaway
Not only should your outdoor space be a reflection of your lifestyle, but also your personality. Are you Type A or Type B? Are you more outgoing or do you lead a fairly relaxing life? If you lean more towards Type B, then having an outdoor space is the perfect way to unwind and spend some quality free time! It all starts with laying down the perfect deck or patio, which creates a welcoming extension of the house that brings you into your lovely outdoor space. The key to comfort here is to select patio furniture that is comfortable, will last, and is visually appealing. Another helpful tip if you’re looking to relax in this space is to find some relief from the sun. This can be done with mature trees, decorative umbrellas, retractable awnings, or even pergolas. Adding some greenery as well will definitely make it feel like the quaint getaway you desire. Depending on your yard, be sure to build around any existing trees or plants that you wish to keep if that is an option and fits into your design plan.

The Entertainer
If you’re more Type A, you’re definitely looking to regularly entertain which means you need a killer outdoor space to welcome friends and guests. A patio and/or deck is essential, but beyond that the two musts to any successful party or get-together are none other than the food and drinks. Purchasing a grill and building an outdoor bar are excellent ways to replicate a more casual dining and kitchen space on your deck or patio. Also, adding a fire pit will undoubtably create an inviting setting specifically for entertaining. It provides you and your guests with a comfortable atmosphere that inspires conversation and fosters a sense of togetherness.

Family Fun
Don’t forget that some of the most memorable family traditions aren’t just made inside the home, but in your outdoor space as well. First off, your outdoor space will feel more intimate and private if it has some sense of enclosure such as a fence or use of landscaping around the property. Once you have a set space to work with, define different activity zones within the outdoor space just as you would indoors. Multiple levels carve out spaces for dining, relaxing, and playing on the deck and the green space. This will help you maintain both the adult spaces as well as kid spaces so everyone can enjoy being outside. If you have enough lawn space, invest in some sort of activity like a volleyball that everyone can do together. This play space combined with an area to eat and relax will provide you with every aspect an outdoor space can offer so you can truly maximize your outdoor living!

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