Total Basement Remodel

Total Basement Remodel

This basement remodel is quite remarkable! Not only was our team at McDonald Contracting able to increase the living space for these homeowners, but they also added a beautiful new bathroom. By remodeling the basement and adding a new bathroom the homeowners can live more comfortably while increasing the value of their home. It’s a win-win!

Thinking about giving your basement a makeover? In the United States, on average, finishing a basement will give you a return of 70 to 75% of your investment. For example, if you spend $1000 you would increase the value of your home by $700. So not only do you get a cool new TV Room/Teen Room/Man Cave/Crafting Corner (you get the idea) but you also improve the overall value of the home. Something to think about for sure.



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Brand New Basement Bathroom

Brand New Basement Bathroom

This bathroom started as a dingy, dirty and useless basement. Why was it useless? Well, because the homeowners were not utilizing the basement (talk about wasted space). Our team helped the homeowners figure out how to make their basement usable and functional space for the whole family. The end result was a total basement remodel, which included a bathroom with a shower and laundry. The results of this bathroom design are truly astonishing.

We love the clean yet inviting feel the bathroom evokes. It’s the perfect mix of sophisticated and comfortable.


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Expansive Second-Floor Home Addition

Expansive Second-Floor Home Addition

Our team at McDonald Contracting took this one-story home from good to great! By adding on an entirely new floor, we were able to give the homeowners more space for family time as well as more bedrooms for privacy. Prior to the renovation, this was a 2-bedroom and 1 bath home shared by 4 people and 2 adorable dogs.  Each of the kids now has their own room and the parents now of a spacious new master bedroom, bathroom and walk-in closet.  The laundry is now on the second floor, making for easier laundry days!

Check out this gorgeous renovated home –



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Winchester Bathroom Makeovers

Winchester Bathroom Makeovers

We’re continuing to share the transformation of the Winchester home our team recently finished renovating. In last month’s post, we shared the 3rd-floor master suite transformation and today we’re diving into the bathrooms. This home is huge with nothing short of personality! The homeowners did a great job of choosing colors, accents, and fixtures to fit with the look of the house, yet give it a fresh new feel.

First-floor bathroom –

Second-floor bathroom – 

We love the black and white tile on the floors accented by the white tiles and grey grout on the walls. Simply a classic and beautiful look… what do you think?

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Modern Bathroom Renovation

Modern Bathroom Renovation

Our team at McDonald Contracting recently finished renovating an outdated bathroom in Arlington, MA.  This bathroom was in need of a fresh new look with additional storage. We think it came out pretty great – check it out below!

If you’re looking for ways to update your bathroom check out our Pinterest page… it’s full of great bathroom remodeling ideas as well as other bathroom remodels we have completed.